Travel Info

This page includes details regarding travel and living in Siem Reap, Cambodia.  If you are attending BlogFest.Asia2012, we know you are interested in checking out the many ancient temples and the truly awesome Angkor Wat!  Besides, you will also meet many bloggers, techies and geeks, and social media experts from a number of Asian countries.

This is a free event, which means there is no registration fees.  On the top of that, there will be selected participants who have registered with us who will be entitled to per diem for accommodation and meals.  On the other hand, participants who are not selected for the per diem are still encouraged to apply since this is a one-of-a-kind event in Cambodia and will be of tremendous value to you in terms of building your network, skills and knowledge.  Please register on our site for BlogFest.Asia2012 using this link.

This page will serve as a travel guide for our friends who are not so well acquainted with the outlay of Siem Reap and the process for entering Cambodia.

Please read carefully regarding the following section for travel and hotel info:

  1. Cambodia Visa Information and Travel Guide
  2. Request for Letter of Invitation
  3. Accommodation and Food
  4. Transportation 
  5. Travel fund subsidy 

1. Cambodia Visa Information & Travel Guide

Please review Cambodia’s Visa and entry permit requirements for Cambodia by visiting the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.  Nationals of Indonesia, Laos, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and the Philippines are exempted from any visa requirements.  They can stay in Cambodia for a consecutive period of 30 days.  Filipino nationals can stay in Cambodia for a consecutive period of 21 days.  Countries of other nationalities can obtain a tourist visa on arrival at a cost of USD 20.  It is recommended that passport-holders of the following countries apply for a visa in advance within their country of residence before arriving in Cambodia: Afghanistan, Algeria, Arab Saudi, Bangladesh, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Sudan and Nigeria.

2. Request for Letter of Invitation

Please email us to request a invitation letter for your visa application / immigration need. You should provide your full name (as it appears in your passport), passport number, nationality, date of birth and country where passport was issued, and your current address.

3. Accommodation and Food

BlogFest.Asia2012 organizers shall provide a per diem which covers meals and shared accommodation for 200 selected local and international participants.

Participants who are selected shall be provided a per diem of USD 110 (for provisioning four nights stay in a hotel and five days meals).  This per diem shall be provided to the participants on the last day of the event.

4. Transportation 

  • Participants shall be responsible for their own round-trip airfare/bus tickets.  Attention International participants: please provide us your flight booking records to secure a registration slot at the event.
  • Participants shall be responsible for their own local transportation.
  • Half-day heritage tour: (Option 1) Temples visit, this will require 20$/day entrance fee for foreign participants. (Option 2) Floating Village and (Option 3) Siem Reap town.

5. Travel Funding for international participants

We have provisioned for a travel subsidy of up to USD 200 for nearly 50 international participants for their flight tickets to Cambodia.

Please register as early as possible. The result will be announced before October 20th.