We are seeking for your support so that more bloggers from all over Asia can join blogfest.asia. Help us make it happen!

As blogfest.asia is being organized by and for bloggers in the region with much anticipation and tremendous passion and interest, the reality is that there are many of them who would ONLY be able to attend with travel funding support. We are glad that various NPOs and international entities have generously started to offer help on this but, the more, the better.

The goal is simple — to accommodate at least 50 bloggers from east, south / south east, and west / central Asia. A simple guideline has been developed. Your support will help us reach this goal, and make this event a meaningful, memorable and fun one.

As a reminder, we are not seeking for a high-amount contribution from one single entity, instead a wider participation from businesses and organizations across Asia who care about what the bloggers say would better develop healthy and organic growth for the blogosphere in the region. Meeting like this usually creates a platform for creative or cool ideas that can lead to something bigger for the future.

So, here’s a number of ways your business and organization can contribute:
The funding will be used for mainly for travel support, as well as allocated to event production, meals, meeting logistics, etc.

Your company / organization logo will be placed significantly on blogfest.asia website, event backdrops, and relevant printed materials as “Grand Sponsor”
Your company / organization name will be mentioned in the press release
A 10-min speech or presentation in social event
A booth on event location to interact with attendees
Distribution of brochures / marketing materials / give-away

To ensure a fair and transparency process, the funding received for the event will be governed by blogfest.asia steering committee.

Invited speakers, panelists and guests are recommended to cover their own expenses but we can provide accommodation and meals.