Blogfest.asia is a festival for bloggers in Asia.

This is the region’s 3rd cross-border gathering for blogger community. Everyone is welcome to join the festival and meet hundreds of bloggers from the neighborhood community. Participants will be able to learn blogger / blogging activities in respective countries / territories, and interact with key bloggers in Asia.

The 4-day Blogfest.Asia ’12 provides a unique opportunity to address “Change & Responsibility”, in Asia perspective. The event program at-a-glance will consist of:

+One day heritage tour to gear up for blog competition

+One full-day conference

+Two evening gathering / parties exclusively for participating bloggers
Clogger Club
+Educational workshops for NGOs in Asia

Blogfest.asia will support and work closely with associated blogger community and events in the region. It will also serve as an idea hub, community exchange point, and action camp for bloggers in Asia to make technological and social impact for the benefit of the region.

The organizing commitee of Blogfest ’12:
Kounila Keo
Tharum Bun
Sopheap Chak
Ramana Sorn
Anirudh Bhati